The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Solar Power

Pressure is mounting to seek alternative reserves of energy as non renewable resources of energy are reducing day by day. Among all the other forms of energy solar power has evolved as the most preferred one. This has helped it to develop on its own and guide us through an alternative supply.

The first thing that needs to be mentioned in favor of solar power is that it is a renewable resource of energy. This means that it is available in abundance as you will find sunlight everywhere in the world. The intensity of sun rays may differ from place to place. In fact this is not a problem with the advanced solar devices which can store power for night and cloudy days!

Another significant factor that can be considered while discussing about solar power is that it is pollution free. Yes the use of solar appliances and energy does not release harmful gases into the air causing a green house effect on the environment. In a way it can do away with the menace of global warming.

The best part about solar power is that it is available for free! It is a natural reserve which comes absolutely free of cost. All you need to pay is for the solar gadgets and its installation. Otherwise you do not have to bills to the sun for using its energy!

In spite of all these strengths, solar power also has its own shortcomings. One complain that people have against it is that the devices take up a lot of space. This seems to be a problem with most of the modern compact apartments. Another allegation that it has to face on a regular basis is that the initial cost of installation of a solar unit is pretty expensive.

Irrespective of these shortcomings solar power remains to be a reliable resource. It cannot be denied that this form of energy is slowly and steadily taking over as a successor of fossil fuels. Using solar energy is cost effective which is why it is considered to be a smart investment for all.