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Building Homemade Solar Panels

How To Build Homemade Solar Panels?

Solar panels are the best way to harness the energy of the sun to provide power to our homes. But buying readymade solar panels and installing them can be quite an expensive venture. Thus the best thing to do is to build homemade panels.

The materials required to build homemade solar panels include pre-wired solar cell series, plywood, UV guard, screws, Plexiglas, caulk and drill bit which is the size of the screws.

Following the instructions given below would make it easy to build homemade solar panels -

• Use a sheet of plywood which is three-fourth inch thick to build the base for the solar panel box.

• Fix a frame using three-fourth inch thick wooden pieces all around the edges of the plywood base.

• Divide the box into two parts by fixing yet another three-fourth inch thick wooden piece in the center so that the box will be able to accommodate two solar panels.

• Put three coats of UV guard on the wood. This protects the wood from the extreme heat and damage from the UV rays of the sun.

• Drill holes through the frame of the box so as to provide ventilation to prevent warping of the wood. This step also helps to save money in the long run as it serves to protect the frame.

• Fit a layer of Masonite peg-board, cardboard or a board made of any non-conductive material loosely into the walls of the frame, but first coat it well with UV guard.

• Attach the solar cells to this board carefully so as not to damage the cells. This makes it possible to maintain the solar panel easily.

• Fix the cells to the board by adding some caulk to the center of each cell so as to hold it in place.

• Lay this substrate material on the solar cells, ensuring that it is positioned carefully and allow the caulk to dry well.

• Flip the whole arrangement over once the caulk is completely dry and fit it into the homemade solar panel box.

• Attach the positive and the negative terminals of the cells with the help of two properly gauged copper wires in series.

• Solder the positive leads to a piece of copper wire and the negative leads to yet another piece of copper wire. Thus we would get a positive and a negative terminal that would trail outside the solar panel box.

• Drill holes so that the copper wires could be put outside the box.

• Attach the wires to the positive and the negative terminals of the AC inverter if the homemade solar panel is to be used to power appliances in the house.

• Fix a Plexiglas sheet or a clear plastic sheet to cover the box.

Place the homemade solar panel in a sunny spot and it is ready for use.