Solar Panel Price in India

A solar panel is basically an arrangement of interconnected solar cells or photovoltaic cells which are packed together in order to generate as well as supply electricity. The electricity supplied by these solar panels may be used for industrial as well as domestic purposes. The principle behind the working of these solar panels is really simple – these panels collect energy directly from the sun in order to convert it into electrical energy for our use. The beauty of using these panels lies in the fact that they are cent percent environment friendly and they make use of the abundant energy provided by the giant powerhouse located high up in the sky – the sun of course.

By using these solar panels, we are contributing towards the welfare of the planet because it helps to reduce the rate of depletion of natural resources since the sun’s energy is being used. The concept of using these panels are quite popular in countries such as USA and UK, however India seems to be jumping onto the bandwagon too! Nowadays one can find a lot of solar panels being sold in India for those who want to convert their homes into green homes.

Various factories located in India are offering solar panels at competitive prices. Of course the cost of a panel would depend on factors such as the dimensions of the product as well as the unique requirements of the customers. Another factor which determines the price of these solar panels is the place of delivery in the country and the type of panel required.

Many people in India are now taking advantage of this form of renewable energy and they are installing such panels in their houses. Once these panels are fully charged up, the energy produced could last for three to five days depending on the intensity of the usage. However that is not a major concern since it would keep charging itself and would remain charged as long as the sun would be up every day. For rainy and overcast days and during winters when the sun’s rays are not that intense, it might be a problem and one would have to switch over to regular power.

The average cost of a one square foot solar panel falls out to be more than Rs.4500/- but this is only powerful enough to light a room since it produces only 10.6 watts. Hence if you are thinking of running appliances such as refrigerator, computer, TV, music system, etc then you will have to get around sixty or seventy panels if you have enough space.