Solar Panel Installation Grants

There are grants available to individual homeowners, businesses, non-profit organizations and government institution for installing solar panels. The Recovery and Reinvestment Act in USA for instance have availed funds to every state to promote use of renewable energy. The grants are form of tax credit, rebates and loans from local utility companies.

There is Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) which provides grants to businesses and individual home owners. The grants can amount to about 50, 000 dollars and the solar system should be of more than 20 kilowatts for one to be eligible. One has to fill the relevant forms and forward an estimate of the cost along with the list of components.

Illinois clean energy community foundation offers grants to educational institutions to train children about solar energy. A grant of up to ten thousand dollars is given to those children facilities which install photovoltaic cells.

Even the other countries have come up with varying forms of grants that are targeting those who are ready to swap their power sources from the conventional one for solar power. Countries such as India have heavily subsidized the solar related equipments such as solar panels and lanterns.

In Australia people who are replacing their electric heaters with solar heater are entitled to more around a thousand dollars refund being part of the cost incurred. One can also enjoy delayed cash payment if you opt for solar water heater.

In Africa donor funded organizations have been establishing solar based projects to sensitize citizens on the usefulness of solar panel. There are financial facilities for those willing to buy a solar panel system.

To get assistance in installation you need to visit your local office which deals with alternative energy. Many organizations dealing with solar power have even set up a website which you can visit and get to know what is on offer. Government departments in the energy sector can provide the most current information pertaining grants being offered by the respective government.

The reasons behind this global effort are to encourage use of solar energy as opposed to conventional power source. The fossil fuel has especially caused pollution that is responsible for the global warming conditions. The devastating effect of global warming has led to this quest of alternative energy.

Solar power is also cheaper than most of the conventional sources of power. It is supplied by the sun for free. The only cost is solar panel installation and apart from that no maintenance. There are many sizes for every level of consumption whether it is a household or a commercial user. It is especially ideal to the rural community that lives in remote areas with no electricity supply. Solar lantern has seen the use of kerosene as a means of lighting reduce dramatically among the poor rural dwellers.