How To Make A Solar Panel Out Of Pop Cans ?

Are you looking for a way to bring down your electricity bill? Why not try using a solar panel made out of pop cans to provide your house with the electric energy needed? Yes, you can now build solar panels out of soda or pop cans and it would be just as effective as any other solar panel. By creating a solar panel out of pop cans, you would not only be saving yourself some money but you are also helping to keep our environment clean. This kind of solar panel would be able to heat up your room by 15 degrees approximately.

You are going to need these items for the project:

1. Jigsaw
2. Electric drill with ¾ inch drill bit
3. Plexiglas
4. Black paint
5. Plastic tubing (you can use the tubes of a vacuum cleaner)
6. 50 soda cans
7. Nails
8. 2×4 wood pieces
9. Plywood sheet
10. A tube of adhesive caulk

The instructions for this project are given below in a step-wise manner:

1. Drill a hole in the bottom of a soda can and do the same for forty four cans. As for the five remaining pop cans, drill holes in the side and make sure it is close to the bottom of the can. Create five columns of cans using ten cans for each column. To make one column, glue down nine cans which have holes in the bottom in a column. The last can to be glued should be the one with holes in the sides. In this way, air would be able to travel easily through these cans.

2. Nail the wooden pieces with 2×4 inch measure together to create a box whose inner dimensions are 50×12.5 inches. Now use a sheet of plywood for the bottom of the box. Cut the Plexiglas so that it has the same measurements as the plywood.

3. Paint the insides of the box as well as the five columns of cans you have created with black color paint.

4. Drill a hole at the top of the box which would be large enough to fit the rubber tubing. Repeat the same at the bottom of the box.

5. Use adhesive caulk to glue the five columns of pop cans into place in your box. Make sure the pop cans which have holes in the side are at the bottom of the box and not the top.

6. Insert the two rubber tubing in the two holes you have just made and use adhesive caulk to hold them in place.

7. Glue the Plexiglas in front of the box to serve as a cover for your solar panel using adhesive caulk again.

8. Place the solar panel at an angle and drill two holes on the outside wall of the room you want to heat. Insert the two rubber tubing in their respective holes and seal with adhesive caulk. Your room would now be heated with your DIY solar panel from pop cans.