How To Hook Up Batteries To Solar Panel?

Whether solar panels receive the proper charge or not depends upon what the weather is outside. The best charge can be received on a bright sunny day when the clouds are away. If you do not have a controller called a PV charge in place otherwise you will run the risk of overcharging your panels. Each panel can be charged up to a particular volt from 12-48 volts. A battery is hooked up to the panels to collect the charges that the panels produce but keep in mind the battery is useless until the bank has produced the proper amount of volts.

1. Connecting

2. Battery bank

3. Creating volts of 12-24

4. Creating 48 volts

5. Connecting terminals

When working with wires for electricity to go through the instructions you always want to take your time and make sure you are hooking everything up correctly. If you are in a hurry because you need to be somewhere then it is best to wait until another day before hooking up the wires and your panels.

Following the below instructions will help you hook up batteries to the solar panels correctly:-

• Connecting solar panels to the PV charge controller is how the batteries are able to charge up so they can be used. The controller is also able to make sure the batteries do not overcharge while conserving energy from the panels on an overcast day.

• Joining batteries together should be done in a series, a parallel, or you could use both. If you want to double the voltage then wire the batteries together in a series. If you want to double the bank while maintaining the voltage of just one battery then wire them together parallel.

• Creating a 12 volt is done by connecting 12 volt batteries to a bank that is also 12 volts should be done in a parallel. Make sure the positive and negative terminals are connected to each other properly. Creating a 24 volt is done by connecting 24 volt batteries to a bank that is also 24 volts. You will connect them parallel by connecting the positive terminal to a negative terminal.

• Creating 48 volts is going to require four 12 volt batteries to the bank. This will be done by doing a parallel. You will connect the positive terminals to a negative terminal to produce the proper volts for the bank.

• Connecting the proper batteries to the bank gave you the proper volts. Now you will connect the battery bank to the PV charge controller by properly hooking up the positive and negative terminals. Next hook the controller to your inverter by following the diagram that had been provided with the controller’s kit.