Connecting A Solar Panel To An Electric Box

How To Connect A Solar Panel To An Electric Box?

Did you know that right now the electricity that is produced for your home is from fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are not something that can be produced forever and belong to the non renewable sources of energy. This implies that there will eventually come a day when the fuels are depleted and you will need to find another source for getting electricity to your home. You could either wait until this time comes or you could take action now by installing solar panels.

In comparison solar energy is renewable since it is derived from the sun and is eco friendly as well because its manufacture does not cause any emissions into the atmosphere. Connecting the solar device to an electric box is a task which requires the following paraphernalia -

1. Wiring solar panels

2. Charge controller

3. Batteries

4. AC inverter

5. Replace face

Solar panels are able to produce electricity by capturing the suns energy. When using the panels you are relying on the sun and not any fossil fuels.

Following the below instructions will help you connect a solar panel to an electric box appropriately:

• Wiring solar panels together gives them more voltages and amps. In order to figure how many to wire together it is important to calculate how many voltages and amps will be going out. You will also need to decide if you will use a circuit that is parallel, a series, or a combination of each.

• Locate the charge controller because this is what the solar panels will be connected to. The charge controller is going to help your deep-cycle batteries from overloading in order to ensure you get the maximum amount of life out of them.

• Converting solar energy into useable energy is done with the AC inverter. In order for the converter to work properly the deep-cycle batteries will need to be connected to it.

• Locate the wires coming out of the AC inverter. It is these wires that will be connected to the electric box. You need to kill the power before connecting any wires to the box. Once power is shut off then remove the face of the box. Look for the set of wires that are black and white. Strip some of the insulation from the wires so they can be connected to the AC inverter. Twist wires together and wrap with electrical black tape.

• Replace the face of the electric box with the screws that you removed. You are now ready to turn the power back on to the electric box. This not only gives the solar panels power but will help to power your home also. You are now ready to enjoy your solar panels.